Success Story: Mr. V.

Mr. V with staff members

Mr. V. was admitted to Hacienda Oaks-Beeville on 12/21/2019 after an accidental fall at home, that left him with a fracture of his right hip that required surgical repair. Upon admission Mr. V. required max assistance with basic everyday tasks such as dressing, toileting hygiene, walking, transfers and bed mobility. Despite being in pain at times, Mr. Valverde was determined to get better and return home as independent as possible. With great teamwork Mr. V. was able to be discharged home on 1/3/2019 walking with a walker, attempting to walk with a cane at times, performing stairs so as to prepare for returning home, transferring in and out of truck and bed mobility with setup/supervision assistance. Mr V. was performing daily tasks such as dressing, toileting and hygiene/grooming at a supervision/modified independent level. Congratulations Mr. V. on a job well done!!!

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